Nextjet receives permanent operating licence

The Swedish transport agency has granted a permanent operating licence to Nextjet AB on 30 October 2017. This means that the company can continue to operate as planned also after 17 November, which was the deadline for Nextjet’s temporary licence. Consequently, also the Arctic Airlink connection between Tromsø, Oulu and Luleå (all the way to Gothenburg) will remain as is.

A significant measure was to implement a new emission of shares, where each of the four owners brought 10 million Swedish crowns of new capital to Nextjet, i.e. 40 million SEK in total. Two of the owners are from Aland (Air Åland and Alandia Air) and two from Pietarsaari in the Finnish Ostrobothnia (Solving and Herrfors).

Among other procedures, Nextjet is selling a small portion of its fleet. All of these measures fortify Nextjet’s status by approximately 70 million SEK.

– We have done precisely what we promised, and the authorities have confirmed this by granting us the permanent licence. Now that our owner base and economy is secured, we can focus all of our energy on developing Nextjet’s traffic, says CEO Magnus Ivarsson.

Nextjet also operates the Arctic Airlink connection between Luleå, Oulu and Tromsø. The connection has been operated since January 2015, and it is an esteemed part of the transverse infrastructure between the regions.

– Despite the challenges brought on by Nextjet’s temporary operating licence, the traveller base of Arctic Airlink has grown and two weeks ago we reached an all-time high, says Robert Forsberg, CEO of Arctic Airlink.

All in all, the reservation status of Nextjet has remained good, the passenger numbers have grown and support in the market has been strong despite the confusion with the licence, which suggests a good forecast for the rest of the year.

– With the new owners we did not get only capital but also important new expertise. There is an obvious need for an airline like Nextjet, and the new ownership base gives us excellent circumstances to grow into an even stronger player on the Nordic flight market, Ivarsson continues.

All the customers who have reserved flights with Nextjet or Arctic Airlink after 17 November will thus travel exactly as planned according to their reservation.


About Nextjet’s owners

Netxjet’s new ownership consists of strong and solvent companies. Behind Air Åland there are the five biggest contributors of added Nextjet capital: Ålandsbanken, Åland Post, Ömsen, PAF and Eriksson Capital.

Another Aland company, Alandia Air, is owned by Eriksson Capital and its business is to buy, sell and lease airplanes, while Solving from Pietarsaari is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of handling systems for heavy loads and liquids.

Herrfors, in turn, is a leading regional energy company that operates both in Finland and in Sweden.

Nextjet’s CEO Magnus Ivarsson remains one of the owners.


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Arctic Airlink:

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