If you, or your company,  are a frequent travelers we have two cost saving offers. Our solution makes you travelling simple, time saving and cost effective.


Destination           10 pc               30 pc

Luleå – Oulu           999 SEK          949 SEK

Luleå – Tromsø      1799 SEK        1749 SEK

Oulu – Tromsø       1799 SEK        1749 SEK

Price per single trip incl. charges excluding VAT, but on these trips will not tax because they are international.



With bulk tickets you have a fixed price per trip and the bookings are easily made on arcticairlink.se. The tickets are not personal, everyone you decide can travel on them.
The tickets are fully flexible and allows cancellation, rebooking or name changes until one hour before departure. Upon your request we can provide statistics and reports of you trips. The bulk tickets are valid for 12 months.

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For nore information about our frequent traveler products please feel free to contact us.
+46 (0)660 29 22 48 or corporate@arcticairlink.com

You can also contact one of our sales representatives below:


Norway   Sven-Erik Sjöholm

Phone:    +46 705-62 25 05

Email:      sven-erik.sjoholm@arcticairlink.com


Sweden   Sven-Erik Sjöholm

Phone:    +46 705-62 25 05

Email:   sven-erik.sjoholm@arcticairlink.com


Finland   Emelie Ahlin

Phone:    +46 708-74 09 14

Email:     emelie.ahlin@arcticairlink.com