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Enjoy the city beach in Luleå this summer

It's not only a great hangout in the city centre – this summer Södra Strand also treats visitors to a unique art exhibition in collaboration with Fotografiska Photo Art Museum.


Spend your weekend in Tromsø

Situated beautifully on the coast – Tromsø offers both vibrant nightlife and great shopping.


Time table

Oulu-Tromsø mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Arr LLA Arr TOS
v 41 08:25 08:25 08:25 08:05 09:45
v 43 11:40 11:20 13:00
v 43 12:05 11:45 13:25
Tromsø-Oulu mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Arr LLA Arr OUL
v 42 10:15 10:15 10:15 11:35 13:35
v 44 16:30 16:30 17:50 19:50
Luleå-Tromsø mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Arr TOS
v 41 08:25 08:25 08:25 09:45
v 43 11:40 13:00
v 43 12:05 13:25
Tromsø-Luleå mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Arr LLA
v 42 10:15 10:15 10:15 11:35
v 44 16:30 16:30 17:50

Four days of festivities during Luleå Harbour Festival

Written 24 June, 2016

If you’re up for a great summer party – Luleå is the place to go. Hamnfestivalen, the Harbour Festival, is free fun July 13th–16th. The hole city is literally vibrating and you are invited

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Outdoor festival with a big heart

Written 21 June, 2016

July 21st–23rd the outdoor music festival Bukta sets scene in Tromsø. Its mission is to be Norways best outdoor rock festival, and at the same time develop the rock-scene of Northern Norway.

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Culture and games share space at Luleå’s own city-beach


There is no shortage of sandy beaches in Luleå, but last summer we saw a new addition in the Southern Harbour creating a city oasis. This year the much-appreciated meeting spot is back, this time with a very unique art exhibition from Sweden’s most high profile photo-art museum Fotografiska.

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