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Due to the termination of the connection, all Arctic Airlink flights have been cancelled and new ones cannot be booked. Read a press release about this in the news section below.

Time table

Luleå - OuluDepArrmontuewedthufrisatsun
Flight 4111:1012:40
Oulu - LuleåDepArrmontuewedthufrisatsun
Flight 4216:3016:00
Luleå - TromsøDepArrmontuewedthufrisatsun
Flight 4111:1013:05
Tromsø - LuleåDepArrmontuewedthufrisatsun
Flight 4214:0516:00
Luleå - SundsvallDepArrmontuewedthufrisatsun
Flight 3006:0006:50
Flight 3216:2017:10
Sundsvall - LuleåDepArrmontuewedthufrisatsun
Flight 3110:0010:50
Flight 3320:3021:20
Luleå - GöteborgDepArrmontuewedthufrisatsun
Flight 3006:0008:15
Flight 3216:2018:35
Göteborg - LuleåDepArrmontuewedthufrisatsun
Flight 3108:3510:50
Flight 3319:0521:20

”We see no other solution,” Arctic Airlink announces.

Written 18 May, 2018

After flight operator NextJet declared bankruptcy on Wed 16 May, the board of Arctic Link AB announce that the flight connection on the route Luleå – Oulu – Tromsö has no possibility of continuing. – We are very sad about the impact that NextJet’s decision has on our connection, says Pauliina Pikkujämsä, Chair of The … Läs mer

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Fliggy brings the first FIT groups from China to the Arctic

Written 16 March, 2018

The flow of Chinese tourists to the Arctic takes a leap forward as Fliggy, the travel service of giant Chinese company Alibaba, brings the first travellers to the north in three pilot groups.

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Nextjet receives permanent operating licence

Written 2 November, 2017

The Swedish transport agency has granted a permanent operating licence to Nextjet AB on 30 October 2017. This means that the company can continue to operate as planned also after 17 November, which was the deadline for Nextjet’s temporary licence. Consequently, also the Arctic Airlink connection between Tromsø, Oulu and Luleå (all the way to … Läs mer

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Don’t forget to pack your passport

passWe would like to remind all passengers to bring your passport when travelling with Arctic Airlink. The distance may be short, but you will be crossing national borders.



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