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Weekend package with accommodation and flight from Luleå to Tromsø or Oulu.

Cross the border and discover what's on the other side. Right now you we also have a special offer for accommodation at Scandic Hotels when you book your ticket with Arctic Airlink.

Time table

Oulu-TromsømontuewedthufrisatsunArr LLAArr TOS
v 4108:2508:2508:2508:0509:45
v 4311:4011:2013:00
v 4312:0511:4513:25
Tromsø-OulumontuewedthufrisatsunArr LLAArr OUL
v 4210:1510:1510:1511:3513:35
v 4416:3016:3017:5019:50
Luleå-TromsømontuewedthufrisatsunArr TOS
v 4108:2508:2508:2509:45
v 4311:4013:00
v 4312:0513:25
Tromsø-LuleåmontuewedthufrisatsunArr LLA
v 4210:1510:1510:1511:35
v 4416:3016:3017:50

The greatest Arctic Pitching happening is in Oulu again!

Written 19 January, 2017

The two-day Polar Bear Pitching event in Oulu, Finland gathers hundreds of participants from around the world to an arctic adventure, which will be live-streamed to a global audience.  Polar Bear Pitching will be organized on February 14-15th 2017. Polar Bear Pitching differs from all the other pitching competitions in two ways: there’s no time … Läs mer

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Explore Christmas drink traditions - Welcome Luleå, Tromsø and Oulu!

Written 2 December, 2016

Local people in Luleå like to drink “Julmust” which is a soft drink that is mainly consumed in Sweden around Christmas. If you prefer beer, choose  “Norlands Guld” -beer. Luleå is an exciting city with beautiful nature, an interesting culture-life, great shopping and lots of sports events. Welcome to Luleå – The town by the … Läs mer

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Music across boarders – an inspiration for new business

Written 6 October, 2016

Can you form business to the sound of classical music? When the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra visits Kulturens Hus in Luleå they combine business with pleasure.

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Don’t forget to pack your passport

passWe would like to remind all passengers to bring your passport when travelling with Arctic Airlink. The distance may be short, but you will be crossing national borders.



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